Term Paper On Pain Killers (5 Pages Minimum)

  1. Please select a drug discussed in the book and a current issue concerning the drug. (Pain Killers)
  2. Please discuss a solution to the issue raised in your topic.
  3. news media is not an academic reference
  4. Use peer reviewed journals
  5. Use a title page, abstract page, introduction, body and conclusion
  6. Use up to date information from the last ten years
  7. Use the APA format. Times new roman 12 font with one inch margins and double spaced.
  8. Every paragraph should have a reference  except abstract and conclusion which will be in your own words (author, year) unless a direct quote which will have (author, year, page)
  9. Write in third person (this paper)
  10. No I or me or he or she
  11. Number your pages bottom center
  12. No number for the title page
  13. Abstract page number = i
  14. Table of contents if used page number = ii
  15. Introduction page number = 1
  16. Reference pages are also numbered
  17. References minimum 8
  18. Last name, first initial. (Year). Title. Publisher. City, State abbreviation.
  19. Indent second and additional lines on the reference page
  20. First line of each new reference is not indented.
  21. If you are unsure about anything ask
  22. 5 page minimum.

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