The aim of the Assessment #2 is to apply the models

The aim of the Assessment #2 is to apply the models, theories, concepts and methodologies learned in the Unit to your case study.

You are required to reflect on and write critically about experiences and ensuing discussions that are applicable to your case study.  You can use the concepts learned during Workshops One and Two, the discussion board topics, examples or exercises conducted during the tutorials.

You are to explain the links between these personal experiences, the Unit Theory and available Sustainability Management literature.

As set out in the Marking Rubric you must support your analysis with citations from quality sources such as peer reviewed journals, government and industry publications.

You must analyze at least 4 separate experiences from the following sources;

1 experience from the Workshops,

1 experience from a TutorialHow are the concepts and theories discussed in the workshops, in the discussion board and in the tutorials applicable to your case study?

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