The Pact of ‘Umar

The Pact of Umar’ was a document written by the believers of Christian, Judaism and non-Muslim monotheists faiths to the Muslim leaders which entailed guidelines for safeguarding their relationship and ensuring security of the Christians. Stipulations of the pact can be divided into restrictions and privileges to draw a distinctive boundary between the respective conditions and rights of the agreements. Within the pact, the restrictions meant that no non-Muslim believers would contradict the agreements since it would attract massive repercussions on their offspring, property and security. On the other hand, the privileges meant the rights that the Muslims would be accorded by the Christians and other no-Muslims as a show of respect and appreciation. In other words, the restrictions and privileges represented the don’ts and dos of the Christians and related religions towards the Muslims. The Pact stated that the members of other faiths aligned to Christian faith had to stick to the obligations so as to be assured of security by the Umar’, commander of the Muslims. As a matter of fact, the contents of the letter required the non-Muslims to subject to the Muslims by evading instances that may result in conflicts, for example, staying away from building their worship places in the vicinity of Islamic cities. Failure to adhere to these rules meant breaking the agreement thus attracting punishments from their counterparts. Desisting from holding public ceremonies, not to teach their children Quran and avoidance of emulating the cultural practices of the Muslims meant respect to Muslims and whoever trespassed would be subjected to consequences of breaching the agreement (Stillman, 1979). The provisions of the pact also enlisted a section with privileges that would be rendered to the Muslims such as opening gates for them to guests and offering them food and lodging to travelers. Additionally, to ensure a reputable relationship…   Click the button below to get a SPEEDY custom-written paper.

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