The relationship between impressionism and modernity

The essay is an argumentative essay based on class topics, readings, and art pieces discussed. I have attached research articles to be cited and the class lectures used. I also attached my first essay assignment so that you may is it as a reference.

This is the rubric:
    Follows the assignment brief; is confident in handling key terms and concepts; may also productively challenge and question key terms and concepts

    Excellent knowledge/understanding of the topic of the assignment; excellent knowledge/understanding of the wider subject area, including relevant theoretical/critical approaches; the assimilation and integration of additional material not directly covered in the module

    A coherent line of argument throughout the assignment backed up with excellent analysis; an ability to go beyond the arguments presented in the critical literature; evidence of independent and/or original thinking

    An appropriate and elegant structure that ensures excellent organisation of material and detail

    Excellent command of language, including accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation; the use of a suitable scholarly register; fluency, flair and an assured use of difficult and specialised terminology

    Impeccable referencing and bibliography presented according to the School of Languages, Linguistics and Films preferred referencing system

    Excellent presentation of work (word processed in at least 11 point font, one and a half line spacing, pages clearly numbered, etc.).

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