Therapy And Support Groups For First Responders With PTSD

I need a research paper/ Group proposal. the scenario is that I am asking for a grant from the government or state to fund my group therapy for first responders with PTSD due to their line of work and emergency situations they take part in. I need to make my case on why it is important and show evidence and statistic in the end part to persuade. 

In the paper, I need it to have the following 

  1. the research/ proposal paper needs to be 5 pages long(not including the title page and reference) 3 pages of the intro(the attachment has the information and other details to help in the construction of the paper and 2 papes supporting detail (descriptive information, statistics on how many get PTSD and why they are having a hard time seeking or finding help).
  2. I need a powerpoint that is 10 slides long on the paper with statistics and other vital information that would help plead my case and the urgent need for this therapy group.

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