What approaches can you use within the assessment process to enhance collaboration and participation when clients are at risk?

Risk Management/Therapeutic co mmunication with the angry patient”

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Under assignment question, there is a video

Click on the video below (4min.17sec)

Video: “Therapeutic co mmunication with the angry patient”

This video demonstrates the interaction between a nurse and a client (Carla) who is currently distressed.

Please answer the following questions:
Reflect on the video scenario (link below), observing the interactions between the two individuals. Then answer following three (3) questions:

1. Using your knowledge and skills from previous weeks, analyse the questions asked (verbally, para-verbally) and non-verbal behaviours used in order to assess the client’s level of risk as well as assist the client regain focus, take control of their emotions and ultimately calm down.

a. From your observations of the situation, what did the nurse do well?
b. From your analysis of the situation, what changes would you suggest for Carla’s risk management?
2. What approaches can you use within the assessment process to enhance collaboration and participation when clients are at risk?
3. Reflect on what you think may be the underlying cause for Carla’s behaviour.


Pleaseanswerthefollowing for professional portfolio

Reflectonthe videoscenario(linkbelow),observing theinteractionsbetweenthe twoindividuals.Thenanswerfollowing three(3)questions:

1. Using yourknowledgeandskillsfrompreviousweeks,analysethe questionsasked(verbally,para-verbally)and non-verbalbehavioursused in ordertoassessthe client’slevelofrisk aswell as assisttheclient regainfocus,takecontroloftheiremotionsandultimatelycalmdown.

a. Fromyourobservationsofthe situation,what did thenursedo well?
b. Fromyouranalysisof thesituation,whatchangeswould you suggestforCarla’sriskmanagement?
2. What approachescan youusewithinthe assessmentprocesstoenhancecollaborationand participationwhen clientsare atrisk?
3. Reflect onwhatyou thinkmaybetheunderlying causeforCarla’sbehaviour.


Clickon thevideobelow(4min.17sec)

Video: “Therapeuticcommunicationwith theangrypatient”

Thisvideodemonstratestheinteractionbetween anurseand a client (Carla)whois currentlydistressed.Fromthisvideo considerthe following:


Read the followingpagesofthistext.

Hungerford,C.,Hodgson,D.,Clancy,R.,Monisse-Redman,M.,Bostwick,R.&Jones,T.(2015).Mental Health Care –AnIntroduction for HealthProfessionals in Australia(2nded). Milton,QLD:JohnWiley&SonsAustralia,Ltd.

Chapter 6:Caringforpeople displayingchallengingbehavioursp.238-273

Skillsandbehaviours–whatdo I need todo?

Youwill needto completea risk assessment
Within your riskassessmentyou willneed toassessfor riskof:
o aggression/violence (harmto others)
o suicide ( harmtoself)
o self-harm( harmtoself)
o general vulnerability( exploitation)
o past/current trauma( incl. sexual/physicalabuse)
o drugs/alcohol(including withdrawal)
o absconding ( leaving a place ofsafety)
o neglect(including physicalneglect of self)
o relatedtodependents
o impulsive/reckless/provocativebehavioursYouwill needto:
Identifysignsof predictorsof risk[actual/potential],including static anddynamicfactors.Beableto describeriskand theriskfactors,forexample,low,medium,high levelsof risk.Chronic/ongoing oracuterisk.

Formulate arisk summaryand riskmanagement planand clearlydocumentthiswithintherisk assessment formandtheclinical/electronichealth record. In doing thisyoualso needtoconsiderthemanagementplanswheresomerestrictionsof autonomy andfreedommaycausetheindividualtofeela lossoftheirhuman rights. Youwill needtosupportthisbalanceto ensureindividualrightsaremaintained aswellas theindividual’swellbeing.
Hand overto otherclinicalstaff,thelevelof riskfortheconsumersyou areworking withandthe action plan tosupportthe riskmanagement.
Themental illnessesthathaveriskimplications andwhy?

Theevidenceisto supportmypractice?



It is importanttounderstand riskassessment and riskmanagement. Riskassessmentsshould alwaysincludesimilarinformationaboutthe typesof riskforthe person andthismaybemorethan one riskdependenton theindividual.Forexample,theindividualmaybeatriskofsuicidalbehaviourandalso riskofabsconding fromthe healthservice.
Risk assessmentsarebasedonstaticand dynamicfactorsandon acuteandchronic risk.Thelevelofriskcan fluctuatedepending on theindividualand theirindividualcircumstances.


Riskmanagementshould alwaysfollowrisk principlesof need, responsiveness,and least restrictivepractices.
Zero Tolerance: Itis important to notethathealthservicesin Australia,haveadopted a zerotoleranceapproach toaggression,violence,assault,bullying andotheractsofviolencein theworkplace(Hungerford etal,2015).



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