What are the consequences of having a strong negative leader?

Nurse Manager
Mrs. Jackson is the nurse manager on a coronary care step-down unit. She has a habit of dictating solutions to her staff whenever a problem arises. She also publicly degrades and demeans her staff using rather superior attitude. Unfortunately she also shows favoritism to some members of her staff. Those she likes get the best hours and vacation time. The rest of the staff members are intimidated by her; those who dare to confront her to discuss their problems are assigned the worst hours or shifts and their requests for change are ignored. The stress and tension in division is great. For instance Mary Jones a nursing assistant ask Pat Polk an RN for assistance with her patient. Pat responded No thats not my patient. Conditions in the divisions have deteriorated and Mrs. Jacksons response has been to be even more dictatorial.
1.What type of power is being utilized in this situation?
2. What are the consequences of having a strong negative leader?
3.What could the staff do in the situation just describe?
In a 3-4 page paper in APA format address the following:
?Behaviors which are detrimental to the units functioning.
?Behaviors that contribute to optimal team functioning.
?Specific actions for the supervisor/manager to employ with Mrs. Jackson.
?Observations that should be used to monitor Mrs. Jacksons performance.



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