What are the strengths and weaknesses of this collaborative philosophy in this area?

Promoting Recovery Module There is an extensive range of papers I WILL attached to my account which will support this submission, they must be referenced A 1500 word assignment Contemporary mental health nursing policy and practice embraces the recovery philosophy. In theory this means that the knowledge and expertise of the service user (and their loved ones), combined with that of the professional care coordinator informs all planning and decision making. Critically consider how this aspiration of service user involvement and collaboration/co-production can be facilitated in the practice area of your choice. Your essay should explicitly link this philosophical approach to your personal experiences Component A: The 2,500 word assignment The assignment component is intended to be as constructively critical as it is reflective and needs to demonstrate self-awareness and professional development. You are encouraged to focus on PYSCHOSI when considering the above statement about the recovery philosophy. Each specialism will have specific challenges which you are encouraged to consider Suggested template Introduction (250 words approx.) Critical overview of the personal recovery philosophy (750 words approx.) • Historical context to the development of mental health service provision in 21st Century • The evidence challenging and supporting traditional medical/biological views of mental illness • The political and personal power of lived experience • Personal versus Clinical recovery • Ethical considerations, including capacity issues, collaborative versus coercive care Application to the area of your choice (500 words approx.) • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this collaborative philosophy in this area? • What does the literature say and how does that relate to your personal experience? • How might this influence and affect the role of the mental health nurse? General guidance and Other considerations: • Do not just accept everything you read: instead question everything, if the literature says one thing but you experience something else try to make sense of this • Do not criticise yourself; instead reference to how students nurses develop over time and highlight your growing professionalism • Do not give a long opinionated piece of work: instead refer to the literature that offers a differing idea or supports you opinions • Think of this essay as an analysis of the way you intend to work collaboratively with the people in your care despite any challenges you have identified • Try not to be overly descriptive or use direct quotes: instead paraphrase. This will help to demonstrate your intellectual skills at level 3 PLEASE NOTE:i prefer to be contacted by email oR THROUGH MY ACCOUNT



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