Your team has been asked to assist a local clothing chain

Activity 2. Your team has been asked to assist a local clothing chain/store to identify a suitable international textiles manufacturer to produce a range of men’s fashion shirts. This company has a strong reputation for high quality, fashionable shirts, but the closure of their local textile supplier has prompted them to explore international options for the production of their designs. Your team has quickly shortlisted several factories (located in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and India) with capability to produce the shirts and your client appears to be encouraged by the competitive quotes received. However, with the emergence of customer concerns relating to ‘ethical clothing’ and the social and environmental impacts of textile production, your team recommends more research into these shortlisted prospective suppliers. You and your team have scheduled a progress meeting with your client. To prepare for this meeting, you need to draft a document for discussion – this document must: Q 1 explains your rationale for why this additional research is required; Q2 discuss the risks associated with not undertaking this work; Q3 Present a plan of how you intend to research these issues. i have uploaded lots of slide of these subject so answer should write based on this slide. answer without these provided slide content would be score ZERO so kindly request to go through these all slide. and mainly focus on the point for each and every question Q1 answer about ethical clothing – United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) set of 10 principle – 4 categories labour organization, human Standard – ethics in a global environment – why ethical? give business example like;a trend more customer, keep government away, not be taken to court – advice to protect affect from media and government Q2 Answer why this technique – vanaplaza example Bangladesh, video. -worker underpaid close business Q3 Answer – to determine your supplier is ethical or not ? ( in developing county) -how to look for these?

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